Adverti$ing = Increased Revenue

We all know that word of mouth is the best form of adverti$ing… and radio is defined as “word of mouth!” WTBQ Adverti$ing = Increased Revenue! Everyone is listening to… The #1 Drive Time Morning Show, “The Frank Truatt Morning Show,” Local News, Weather, Traffic and Sports from the WTBQ news staff, the WTBQ Roundtable, plus Exclusive NASCAR and Indy Racing are just a few of the reasons are loyal listeners tune into WTBQ. Information, thought provoking discussions and The Best Music from 3pm to 7am. Our unique programming is what makes WTBQ an outstanding source for local businesses to advertise and get the word out about their products and services.

The coveted “wrap” spot…. wrap your spots around the News, Weather, Traffic and/or Sports and the ever popular FAMOUS BIRTHDAYS OF THE DAY.

We will customize packages designed specifically for your budget plus + incentives and bonus spots and a guest appearance on the morning show. Your business or service will be heard by thousands of listeners every hour…WTBQ Adverti$ing Works! Call Taylor at 845-651-1110 for details.

“WRAP” SPOT: We wrap your 30 second spot around one of the morning show reports, WTBQ Local News, weather, Traffic or National Sports…Your choice! This coveted sponsorship opportunity will garner more revenue and more customers!  All packages include writing the copy, professional voiceover and production. Call Taylor @ 845-651-1110 or email

WTBQ is the only media outlet with real local news from the WTBQ news staff, elected officials, the WTBQ Roundtable, ABC News and NASCAR Racing…these are just a few of the major draws and reasons why our discerning listeners tune to WTBQ, the only station in New York State that offers live local call in talk shows who share invaluable trending information, thought provoking discussions and The Best Music is what makes WTBQ an outstanding venue for local businesses to spread the word about their products or services.

If you want to draw more people to your business, advertise on WTBQ! Unique sponsorship opportunities are available and we customize packages to best suit your business and budget.

WTBQ is the Exclusive Broadcaster for NASCAR throughout the entire Hudson Valley and Northern NJ! Ask about the NASCAR Package: 4 –Spots (minimum) in every featured Race airing EXCLUSIVELY on WTBQ + 5 spots in the ROS (Run of The Schedule) per week with your business listed as a Sponsor of NASCAR on the Motor Racing Page at