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WTBQ’s 5th Annual Toys for Military Tots Drive

Toys for Military Tots photo 2019

(left to right) RELAX- this photo is from last year- remember way back when we were not covering our faces and social distancing…keep the faith, the trend is on its way back  OC Tourism, Bill Dawson, Dawson Motors, (back) Assemblyman Karl Brabenec, (back) Pete Rollins of the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Laura Symykla, Army Nurse […]

Fundraiser for the Warwick Valley Humane Society

Warwick Valley Humaine Society

Through the generosity of Mike Martucci of $5,000 we are halfway to our goal of saving so many innocent lives that have been abused, neglected, abandoned & tortured. Due to the pandemic we have not been able to run fundraisers and we are asking, pleading, begging everyone to donate whatever they can to assist this shelter in […]

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